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0:16 Normal Selfe Harbor Bridge Drawing:

0:21 Architect's office:

0:31 Oxford Matriculation:

0:48 Professors in regalia:

0:54 Engaged work group:

1:00 Landscape planners:

2:37 Temple at Corinth, Creative Commons License, CC:

2:39 Chartres Cathedral, CC:

2:42 Dome Construction, CC:

2:52 Architect:

2:55 Architect Office:

3:03 University architecture studio:

3:05 Design proposal:

3:11 Medical students in lab:

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4:35 Screen capture from University of Kansas website:

6:51–7:40 Screen captures from Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, New York Times, Architectural Record, The American Institute of Architects.

7:42 CNC fabrication:

7:44 Screen captures from New Architect's Atlas: download at

8:09 Strategic plan screen captures from: download pdf at

8:47 Professors in regalia:

8:59 Student groups:

9:34 Network diagram:

9:42 IDEO: (CC License).

10:11 People and Buildings:

14:07 Lerner Photo:

14:14 Chinese Meridians diagram: - mediaviewer/File:Chinese_meridians.JPG

14:53 Bangladesh Traffic:

14:59 Favela:

15:09 Mass Migration:

15:11 disaster:

15:17 Energy:

15:21 Precipitation:

15:27 Millennium Park:

16:38 Candy Chang project:

19:32 Theaster Gates:

19:35 Performance: 7227/6934987652_430343c1da_b.jpg

19:43 Dinner:

22:50 Taipei Organic Acupuncture:


Courses and Students:

Okolona Corner Park (1999) Mississippi State University (Shannon Criss and Nils Gore, Professors)

Students: Tim Anson, Benji Armstrong, Noel Bendure, John Bondurant, Joey Brown, Matt Buchanan, Laura Butler, Kiley Chase, Tommy Chisholm, Pam Clark, Todd Clark, Lisa Cuevas, Bhree Dodson, Tim Duboise, Jesse Farley, Garrett Goodman, Wes Harp, Danellen Johnson, Kelly Kavitz, Julie Kern, Kyle Kish, Barry Lann, Tim Lin, Ryan McQuade, Paul Mitchell, Chris Myers, Casey Newman, Noelle Norman, Thomas Price, Randy Sappington, Laura Smith, Newell Watkins.

Riverview Neighborhood, Kansas City, KS. Arch608 (2013) University of Kansas (Shannon Criss, Professor)

Students: Macrina Abdouche, Dustin Adler, Damon Baltuska, Ashley Claussen, Nolan Fike, Sam Florance, Colleen Goodwin, Sarah Jones, Khanh Le, Jiayu Ma, Kim McKeever, Rosemary Nelson, Ashley Parks, Tu Tran, Ashley Webber, Alex Wolfrum.

The Porch Tool Shed, New Orleans, LA. Arch401 (2006) University of Kansas (Nils Gore, Professor)

Students: Valerie Cantrell, Brian Cay, Christine Goodwin, Kelly Gregory, Mickey Htoo, Lindsay Kenkel, Patrick Knobloch, Callie Knoll, Bob Korte, Laura Lafoe, Suzanne Petersen, Jon Redcorn, Amy Scilligo, Maryna Silchenko, Kenny Simmons, Chris Wahl, April Young.

The Porch Mobile Stage, New Orleans, LA. Arch400 (2006) University of Kansas (Nils Gore, Professor)

Students: Megan Barnes, Austin Berke, Mike Brown, Anne Bruce, Sarah Bueltmann, Hugo Cabrera, Carole Cline, Katie Danner, Brandi Hamilton, Lauren Keefer, Mike Kelly, Rey Lastimosa, Brett Lawrence, Simon Mance, Leo Mulvehill, Paul Sanders.

The Porch Outdoor Classroom, New Orleans, LA. Arch401 (2007) University of Kansas (Nils Gore, Professor)

Students: Austin Berke, Sarah Boedeker, Chris Clark, Carole Cline, Lindsey Evans, David Gibbs, Mike Kelly, Courtney King, Will Lockwood, Emily Moisan, Paul Sanders, Larabeth Thompson, Jessie Violand, Heather Whitten.

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