What if the United States fully supported and integrated arts and culture into all parts of American society, industry, and government? In this act of collective imagination, we share the potential trajectory of a US Department of Arts and Culture (USDAC) from its launch to its dissolution. While this Department may be new, the ideas motivating it are not. Countries around the world have robust ministries of culture from which we are learning as we develop the USDAC. At every moment of crisis and opportunity, artists and cultural workers have been eager to use their gifts in the service of democratic public purpose. In this project, we share the text and performance of our launch at a press conference in October 2013, and follow through to a State of the Arts speech in 2034 where we announce the irrelevance of USDAC.

Documents in this collection:

Press Conference 5 October 2013, Syracuse, New York

Press Release, 24 January 2034

State of the Arts Address, 24 January 2034

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